Mixed cargo transportation

Mixed cargo transportation includes movement of small and large parcels. Correct packaging protects the contents from transportation stress and a clearly marked destination address ensures the goods will make it to the desired destination. More information on responsibilities and obligations can be found below.

Packing consignments

The sender shall pack the consignment in such a way that it endures transportation, terminal handling and the normal strain caused by tying. The parcels and waybills must have all the appropriate handling markings (e.g. refrigerated/heated transportation). Consignments should have clear address markings.

If the weight of an individual parcel exceeds 20 kilograms and/or the consignment includes more than 10 parcels, it must be packed with for consignment loading machinery.

If a sales package is used for transportation that has commercial value, the adequate protection of the package must be conducted prior to transportation.

Transportation order and documents

The order for transportation must be made no later than 1 p.m. on the day of collection. You can check the first possible collection time from aikatauluhaullamme.

You can make an order using the online order facility or by calling our Service Centre on +358 10 510 1200.

The sender shall furnish the consignment with the standard stipulated waybill and address markings.

Transportation time

Transportation time is normally one day. 

Collection of the consignment occurs on the same working day before 4 p.m. if transportation is ordered before the deadline. Aikatauluhakumme will show you the first possible pick-up time.

Delivery of the consignment will be the following day 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. The collection / distribution times by locality are shown in our timetable search, which also tells the total time taken for transportation. 

The consignment is received by the recipient marked on the waybill. The recipient must check the delivery prior to signing the notice of receipt.

The consignment must be available for loading and unloading at a place the collection/distribution vehicle can access unobstructed. Loading or unloading occurs in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle using the tail lift, hand pallet trucks or the client’s forklift truck.

Responsibilities and obligations

KAUKOKIITO is responsible for the consignment between the times of collection and delivery at the destination. All transportation tasks we engage in are in adherence with the Road Transport Contract Act and its provisions. In addition, we also adhere to the General Transportation Terms of Kaukokiito and the General Terms of Delivery for Regular Transport of Goods.

The SENDER is responsible for the waybill, packing, address markings and possible handling instructions for the consignment, in order to ensure the delivery endures normal handling at the terminal, strain during transportation, and tying/supporting in the cargo space. The sender is also responsible for ensuring that the transportation order/goods/parcel marking and freight documents correspond to one another.

The RECIPIENT is obliged to inspect the delivery upon receipt and to make any possible remarks or complaints in relation to quantity or condition prior to signing the notice of receipt.