We adhere to our values in regard to employees and customers alike. In our daily activities, our values direct the behaviour of every individual in the company in relation to customers, colleagues and the employer.

In our operations we value and represent:

Family Entrepreneurship

The history of Freight Company Ilmari Lehtonen as a family business dates back to 1953. Today, Freight Company Ilmari Lehtonen is run by the family’s third generation. In a family-run business the decision making is always available and the company owners are involved in the everyday activities of the company. A family-run enterprise is a local business.

Finnish Quality

Freight Company Ilmari Lehtonen is a privately-owned Finnish company with ownership and decision making in Finland. In its own activities, Freight Company Ilmari Lehtonen encourages and supports Finnish entrepreneurship.


Freight Company Ilmari Lehtonen is a trustworthy operator that keeps its word. It is open and honest in its activities, treats everyone equally and adheres to Finnish legislation.


Freight Company Ilmari Lehtonen has the ability to adapt its operations, enabling the company to flexibly respond to the requirements of its customers and employees.


In its own activities, Freight Company Ilmari Lehtonen invests in long-term customer relations and extended contracts. The owners are committed to the far-reaching development of the company, which is also evident from the history of the family business.